The Fédération Internationale de Bottle Flipping Association, also known as FIBFA™, is organized and operated to foster competitions in the sport of bottle flipping. FIBFA™ is the governing body for bottle flipping rules and regulations by promoting standardization and advancement of the sport worldwide. FIBFA™ regulates bottle flipping events, competitions and records. FIBFA™ supports and develops athletes for bottle flipping competitions. FIBFA™ also furnishes athletic equipment including bottles, game mats, and other apparel. 

Bottle flipping was most likely introduced by Belgian skateboarder Ben Daeleman in 2007 in a video entitled "Throw The Bottle". Nine years later, in 2016, high school senior Michael Senatore of Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, North Carolina successfully flipped a water bottle sending bottle flipping into viral success and worldwide fame.

Dominic Baula, president and founder of FIBFA™ and an educator for 8 years, noticed first hand the lack of structure and standardization towards bottle flipping. During lunch break and after school, his students would flip bottles of differing types, fill volumes,  and landing surfaces. The same disarray was happening online through uploaded videos and various record claims. In his attempt to make bottle flipping a sport, Dominic was guided by several thoughts. First, he analyzed other sports and concluded that a standard bottle and common surface was needed to establish a fair game based solely on player skill. Second, he saw the need to establish rules for competitive bottle flipping. Like other sports with a variety of styles, distances, and divisions, there are different versions of competitive bottle flipping and thus a standardization of rules is required for each type. FIBFA is currently working on promoting smaller regional events and eventually establish an annual FIBFA™ Bottle Flipping World Championship. The goal is to host the world's foremost bottle flipping tournament with participants from different countries. These three guidelines would allow athletes of competitive bottle flipping to set or break personal/world records while beating others in any given event. 

Dominic's lifelong appreciation for science, technology, engineering and math led him to Georgetown University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in Biology with a concentration in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology and to the University of Houston, where he earned a master's degree in software engineering. He blends his science and engineering background with his 8 years as a middle school and high school educator.


  • Dominic Baula, President
  • Aidan Brown, Vice-President & Creative Director
  • Jeremy Brown, Web Designer
  • Tristan Dumantay, Media Director

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